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Symptoms of PCOS /PCOD

Symptoms of PCOS/PCOD may begin shortly after puberty, but can also develop during the later teen years and early adulthood. PCOS may go undiagnosed for some time.
female with PCOS typically have irregular or missed periods as a result of not ovulating, Although some female may develop cysts on their ovaries many female do not.


1. Hair loss from your scalp
2. Oily skin and acne problem
3. Menstrual Problems
4. Depression and mood swings
5. Difficulty in conceiving, women with PCOS has trouble in getting pregnant
6. Fatigue – Many people with PCOS report increased fatigue and low energy
7. Pelvic pain – Pelvic pain may occur with periods, along with heavy bleeding. It may also occur when a woman isn’t bleeding.
8. Headache – Hormonal changes prompt headaches
9. Signs of Insulin resistance – are also associated with PCOS (Type II Diabetic)
10. Excess Androgen – Elevated levels of male hormones may result in physical signs such as excess facial and body hair ( hirsutism) and occasionally sever acne and male pattern baldness.

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