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Anju Prasad, Founder

Anju Prasad is MBA in Healthcare from ITM, Navi Mumbai & Post Graduate in Dietetics public Health Nutrition from Delhi University.
Anju is recognized as the leading Dietician & Nutritionist in New Mumbai, She has been participating in various conferences and is the Panelist of Nutrition & Wellness Club of various public schools in Navi Mumbai, India. She has been promoting lifestyle modification programs for health and wellness at various events in schools, Rotary clubs and corporate houses.

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Anju Prasad earned certification in Diploma in Sports & Exercise Nutrition by Shaw academy, UK and Specialist in Sports Nutrition from International Sports Science Association (ISSA) USA

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Currently, we only offer bank transfer and we will embed Payment Gateway in coming days.
We accept upfront payments but you can contact us if you want to make payment in installments.
You can register yourself and purchase the program membership. Once we receive the payment, your plan will get activated.
In any health care program, anywhere in the world there will not be any guarantee, yes, we promise that if you are dedicated follow our diet plan & advice; RESULTS will follow. We have a very high success rate and never seen a client not get result if they follow our advice.

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Nutrition is truly the foundation for optimal health. Since each person is unique, no ‘one-diet’ approach will work for everyone. That is why I use a personalized approach to help you to achieve and maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

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